Bob Price on the Phil Gayle Show – Radio Oxford 17th January 2014

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Council leader, Bob Price, with a string of falsehoods. How can he get it so wrong? We have requested rectification.

1) Bob Price said English Heritage was consulted.
Incorrect. It was not.

2) Bob Price says that statutory bodies did not make negative comments.
Incorrect. The Environment Agency objected because the site was contaminated; posing an unacceptable risk to the environment unless there was a planning condition that the site was made safe for use prior to development.
Natural England objected to mitigation tree planting on port meadow because of its nature conservation status,and a much smaller scheme was then agreed outside the conservation area making mitigation much less adequate.

3) Bob Price said that the Oxford Preservation Trust (OPT) did not make comments as  the Council  indicated that there was no need to worry about the development.

4) Bob Price said that the Minister and MP did not have the courtesy to inform council of their visit.

Incorrect. Councillor Colin Cook was invited but declined.