What you can do


Write to Oxford University Vice Chancellor Andrew Hamilton, to urge the University to now step forward of their own volition and offer as a minimum the mitigation Option 3.

· Urge him to bring forward to the Council’s planning committee nothing less than Option 3.

· Encourage him to now do the right thing, rather than have the University further damage its standing in the city by waiting to be dragged reluctantly to the same end by the City Council.

Copy and paste these addresses to send your email to these Oxford University Officers





Andrew Hamilton, Vice Chancellor
Margaret Ounsley, Head of Government and Community Relations
Carolyn Puddicombe, Director of Asset Management, Estates Services
Nick Brown, Pro-Vice Chancellor and Chair of Buildings and Estates Committee

The context to writing the Andrew Hamilton now is:

· A record number of comments submitted as part of the public consultation. 95% favour Option 3 – taking one floor off to mitigate the harm to 16 damaged heritage landscapes.
· The City Council’s own independent review of the EIA is unconvinced by the University’s case for Option 1, and by its argument for socio-economic public benefit of not reducing the buildings’ height.
· Several expert reports submitted that question the accuracy and conclusions of the EIA
· The University’s own Congregation will debate a resolution calling for Option 3 to be implemented, after 66 professors express concern at the damage to the University’s reputation, as well as to Port Meadow.

In light of that, Oxford University has the opportunity to do the right thing and win back the goodwill of the city by accepting it got this wrong and taking the initiative to put it right.


Peaceful Demonstration this Friday 20 September 6pm

Examination School, High Street.

There was an Oxford University reception for Alumni to kick-off the University’s Alumni Weekend. Vice-Chancellor Andrew Hamilton and Lord Patten will be there.

So were  we.

Andrew Hamilton  scuttled in very  late , head down pushing a woman out of the way in a his rush not to be  recognised . At least Patten spoke to us… but said he  was “powerless” .

Please  write to these councillors and ‘representatives’   regarding the contamination issues at  Roger Dudman Way .
In the past, in relation to other issues,  we’ve been told that  councillors weren’t aware .  Please make sure they are.
 Since neither respect for the heritage of Port Meadow nor respect for consulting residents of Oxford properly have made the University and Council come to there senses
 surely their failure to protect the public from contamination will?
 Call on the Council to stop work immediately on health and safety grounds while this is properly investigated.
Michael Crofton-Briggs – mcrofton-briggs@oxford.gov.uk – Head of City Development
Nicola Blackwood – 
nicola.blackwood.mp@parliament.uk – MP for Ox West & Abingdon
Bob Price – 
cllrbprice@oxford.gov.uk – Leader of the Council
John Howson – 
john4stm@gmail.com – St Margaret’s
Jean Fooks – Jean.Fooks@Oxfordshire.gov.uk – Wolvercote & Summertown

Susanna Pressel – SPressel@oxford.gov.uk – Jericho & Osney.  County Councillor for West Central Oxford

James Fry – cllrjfry@oxford.gov.uk – North
John Goddard – JGODDARD@oxford.gov.uk –  Wolvercote 
Colin Cook – colin.cook@medsci.ox.ac.uk –  Jericho & Osney
Jim Campbell – jimc@frenchayox.demon.co.uk –  St Margaret’s
Alan Armitage – cllraarmitage@oxford.gov.uk – North
Gwynneth Royce – cllrglroyce@oxford.gov.uk – St Margaret’s
Stuart McCready – cllrsmccready@oxford.gov.uk – Summertown
Michael Gotch – cllrmgotch@oxford.gov.uk – Wolvercote

Please  donate   if you haven’t already through our  Just Giving  page  which is eligible for gift aid.  We need funds to advance our legal case.   Every little but helps no matter how small .

Email us  for more info’ or  for any offers of help   saveportmeadow@gmail.com

Download a poster and put in a window,     whether it’s your house or car or both


We launched   “Save Portmeadow  Beer ” brewed by  Compass Brewery.   A large proportion of the sale proceeds went  to our campaign legal fund.

The Beer was  available  in many pubs in Oxford.

beer clip

Pubs that stocked  it were

The Gardners Arms, Plantation Road, Jericho
The  Rose and Crown , North Parade
The White Hart, Wolvercote 
The Perch, Binsey
The Harcourt Arms, Jericho 

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  1. Que puis-je faire? comment Oxford a t-il pu ainsi détruire un tel paysage, celui des tableaux de Constable? le plus bel endroit au monde, et je suis française!
    Comment?? Comment?? y a t-il une pétition?

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